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Learn about the indications for drugs and the difference between and FDA approved indication and non-FDA approved use for particular drugs.Looking for online definition of Indications in the Medical Dictionary.Definitions 1. a measure, process, or outcome used to judge a particular clinical situation and indicate whether the care delivered was.This is the definition of acid-base indicator or indicator as the term is used in chemistry, along with examples of common indicators.Indicator Definition and Unit of Analysis Precise indicator definitions and clear explanations of the unit of analysis for performance indicators help to guard.

Word of the day: ice climbing. the branch of mountaineering.Definition of indication from the Collins English Dictionary. Comments. Log in to comment on this word.Definition of indications and warning in the dictionary.Define indication. indication synonyms, indication pronunciation, indication translation, English dictionary definition of indication. n. 1.

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People who construct arguments will usually indicate to us what their conclusions and premises are.

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Data Guide — Health Topics. How do I find the definition for an indicator.There are today over 190 apoptopic drugs in active development for the treatment of more than 40 different cancer indications.

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Define indication: something (such as a sign or signal) that points out or shows something — indication in a sentence.

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Definition of indicator: Measurable variable used as a representation of an associated (but non-measured or non-measurable) factor or quantity.Mua thuoc name in india cytotec y esterilidad cytotec 200 mg indication definition how long does 25 mg stay in youe system.

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Root canal treatment Definition,Indication,contra-indication Definition: complete removal of irreversible damaged pulp followed by cleaning, shaping and obturation.

This brief defines and explores the role of indicators as an integral part of a results-based accountability system.

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Definition of indication in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.Words that introduce or appear in an argument premise include: since (nontemporal meaning) as indicated by because for in that.Example sentences with the word indication. indication example sentences.

Surface NDE indication whose length is equal to or greater than three times its width.

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Indicator definition, a person or thing that indicates. See more.An event, entity or condition that typically characterises a prescribed environment or situation, indicators determine or aid in determining whether or not.

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CML (chronic myeloid leukemia) is an indication for the use of.Economic Performance of Catch Share Programs Performance Indicators.

Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Contraindication.Workable Indication Definition - Workable indication is an indication of the prices and yields that a municipal securities dealer may be willing to.In mathematics, an indicator function or a characteristic function is a function defined on a set X that indicates membership of an element in a subset A of X, having.Indicators are statistics used to measure current conditions as well as to forecast financial or economic trends.

NDT indication that is caused by a condition or type of discontinuity that requires evaluation.Once the conceptual framework is finalized, the next step in completing the monitoring and evaluation framework is selecting indicators.Synonyms for indication at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.Indicator definitions and metadata Download all definitions in one PDF File.In medicine, an indication is a valid reason to use a certain test, medication, procedure, or surgery.Little or no indication. addressed was whether the concepts and definitions underlying the measurement methods—especially the concept and definition of.In medicine, a condition which makes a particular treatment or procedure advisable.