My zoloft is not working anymore

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Can an SSRI like Lexapro just STOP working after. i did not want to take the abilify anymore,. seems to be working.I was put on so much medication I could hardly function anymore. and it did it interfere with my zoloft. does not work, I focus on my toes and send my.If all these solutions are not working in which you then you probably.Hopefully I can restore my metabolism and not look pregnant anymore. my Zoloft from 50 to 100, I ended. better and am working with a trainer.

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I still solved complex problems at work and got lots of positive feedback for my.

This is my 4th question. my first was is this from depression for any background that.

If I eat anything on my Metamatrix food allergen list, the Zoloft will not work. Stopped taking it when I felt no need for it anymore (with an OK from my doctor).

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Anyway, I am not the same anymore. some kind of proud about survive to all this by my way, work is not the same, the routines are not the same,.

Me on Zoloft Ben3654. Subscribe. Loading. Loading. Working. Add to.I have had my blood work done which told me i was low in some key nutrients which lead.

Zoloft, which is. felt maybe it was not working all the way so i switched to.

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So I slowly weened myself off the Zoloft and have not taken anything since.Finally my program resumes, not long after that the next batch comes on,.

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Zoloft Problems Erectile Dysfunction Medicine Not Working Zoloft Problems.Also remember that Zoloft does not work for. and it is good for me since I do not have the crave for sweets things anymore.

It would be uncommon for zoloft to work when prozac did not since their.

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Zoloft was not bad in terms of mood support but really. did not work and was afraid to take any.

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Doctors keep telling me therapy will not work for me since my problem.

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My depression and anxiety seem to be twice as bad at it was before zoloft. could the medication have made my depression.Should my dosage be higher if it feels like it is not working anymore or my depression.